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Goat Horn with Marrow - XL

Goat Horn with Marrow - XL

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Our natural goat horns are filled with marrow and are great for oral health!
They are an ultra-long lasting chew that are packed full of essential vitamins & minerals that are simply dried - nothing added, that's right, they're 100% natural!
Sold per unit.

These Horns are absolutely massive and are intended for Large breed power chewers!

Each horn ranges from 5cm to 8cm wide,
and 30-35cm long!
* please note, each horn will differ in length and thickness due to being a natural product and will be selected at random.

*Do not leave your dog unsupervised at any time while enjoying this treat, as any item that can be swallowed whole could represent a choking hazard*
Store in a cool, dry place. Improper storage can cause product to spoil before the
use-by date.
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