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Sunnies Snackos!

Goat Ears with Fur

Goat Ears with Fur

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Sunnies dehydrated Goat Ears are a hypoallergenic, novel meat which is low in fat and a great dental aid.

All of our treats are bi-products from the human meat trade industry and are therefore ethically sourced, reducing waste. These funny looking snacks still have the fur on, making them great for cleansing the intestinal tract.

They are a 100% natural single ingredient treat that is simply dried - nothing added, that's right! No added salt, sugar, additives or preservatives!

Sizes range due to being a natural product.

Pets should be supervised whilst consuming our snacks. Some dogs may be able to bite chunks off. This can create a choking hazard so it is advised that you supervise your pet.
Store in a cool, dry place. Improper storage can cause product to spoil before the use-by date.
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