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Cow Hoof

Cow Hoof

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Cow Hoof
Our Cow Hooves are great for oral health, they are a tough treat that have to be worn down which results in the removal of tartar build up on the teeth.

Has your pooch lost interest in their hoof? stuff the center to keep it interesting and enriching.
Our hooves are a 100% natural single ingredient protein with NO added salt, sugar, additives or preservatives that are made in Australia.
*size ranges due to being a natural product*
Sold per unit - no packaging
Pets should be supervised whilst consuming our snacks. Long lasting and tough chews are worn down over time, however some dog may be able to bite chunks off. This can create a choking hazard so it is advised that you supervise your pet.

Store in a cool, dry place. Improper storage can cause product to spoil before the
use-by date.
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