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Coco Chicken Meal Topper

Coco Chicken Meal Topper

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150g pouch of Organic Coconut and Chicken Breast

Our Chicken Jerky is dehydrated locking in all its tasty goodness and is made from locally sourced ingredients right here in Australia. It is both low fat and calories. It is a fantastic source of Vitamin B3, B6 and Omega 3!
Made from 100% natural and ethically sourced Chicken in Australia.

Our organic coconut is a fantastic addition to your dogs diet.
t is rich in immune supporting antioxidants and contains lauric acid which helps to reduce inflammation in the body.
 It is also great for helping to keep coats shiny and healthy.

These two products have been combined together, and finely ground to create this powerhouse meal topper.

Store in a cool, dry place. Improper storage can cause product to spoil before the use-by date.

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