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Sunnies Snackos!

Sunnies Little Helper Bundle

Sunnies Little Helper Bundle

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Our Sunnies Little Helper Bundle includes:
x1 Harness
x1 Collar
x1 Lead
x1 Poop Bag Holder

Harness Size Guide:
XS - Neck: 32-36cm, Chest: 36-48cm
S - Neck: 38-44cm, Chest: 41-54cm
M - Neck: 42-51cm, Chest: 46-61cm
L - Neck: 48-58cm, Chest: 53-81cm
XL - Neck: 51-63cm, Chest: 64-97cm

Collar Size Guide:
XS - Neck Circumference: 20-30cm, Width 1.5cm
S - Neck Circumference: 25-38cm, Width 1.5cm
M - Neck Circumference: 32-48cm, Width 2cm
L/XL - Neck Circumference: 39-59cm, Width 2.5cm

Lead Size Guide:
XS/S - Length: 152cm, Width: 1.5cm
M/L - Length: 152cm, Width: 2cm

Poop Bag Holder:
One Size : 8x5x5cm
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